The wait is over: SP.accio is back in the original location completely renovated

About forty is the number of residents of San Patrignano that will help run the pizzaria and emporium, which reopens August 8th.

SP.Accio pizzeria of the community of San Patrignano, ranks among the best in Italy according to the Gambero Rosso, it will reopen Saturday august 8th after a restyling and upgrade, with lots of new innovations. It’s like this that the doors reopen with one eye toward quality cuizine at kilometer zero and the other toward the development of the young residents of the community.
The pizzeria is back at the original location, in via San Patrignano 66, it has been completely refurbished by Milan designer Nicola Gallizia, project manager since first opening in 2008. This refurbishment consist of improving upon the old location, this has allowed us to increase the number of seats available (210 in summer) to help provide for the many booking requests, while retaining its identity through the use of the furniture produced by the residents of the community.

The transformation can also be found on the menu, the result of careful research that leading to many innovations and a wide variety of proposals. Starting from the new dough recipes to unusual combinations for pizza toppings, to the creation of typical Roman stirata up to inviting proposals for lunch, aperitifs and dinner, with traditional first and main courses alongside dishes that recall the street-food, like burgers and piadine.
Instead remaining unchanged is the care and dedication involved in selection of quality raw materials locally, and the appreciation for the environment, craftsmanship and food excellence, ensuring that both are the protagonist of taste.

The pizzeria will continue to host the concept store inside, where you can find all the products designed and created by the residents of the community.
More importantly for the community is the involvement of residents in this structure. It will still be them that is the true soul of SP.Accio, this just a useful training opportunity for their future reintegration into society once the recovery path is over . There will be over 40 of them divoded between pizzaiolo, waiters and sales representatives.