The Spaces

From the restoration of an antique post office, overlooking the splendid panorama of the Adriatic coast from the hills of Rimini, SP.Accio is born. The rooms that in the 1700’s fed and rested weary travellers are now large and bright rooms, designed and brought to life by the architect Nicola Gallizia.

Brick wallstaken back to their original splendor, glass windows from which gaze upon and embrace the beautiful landscape, copper lamps, natural materials welcome guests into a structure that speaks of the use of traditional materials, enhanced by two large murals created by the artist Natalie Silva.

All interiors are ideated, designed and handcrafted by The Design Lab of the San Patrignano community: wooden furniture, decorations and accessories, iron and metals works and textiles for the tables.

SP.Accio is the perfect place for organising your functions or dates: lunches and dinners with friends and family, business meetings, parties, birthdays, receptions, ceremonies and special events.

Built on two floors, SP.Accio offers 130 seats inside, fully air-conditioned rooms with a spacious verandah, which from spring to late summer, there are another 80 seats available outside in the garden with magnificent views over the sea and hills.