Who we are

A pizzeria.

A shop with top quality products.

A space in which to share, grow, educate and recover.

This is SP.Accio, pizzeria and boutique of the community of San Patrignano.

A place where you can spend an evening with friends or have a business lunch with clients, with the possibility to buy and take home the products that you have just tasted.

A kitchen that’s located right next to the source of all their cheeses, meats, vegetables, wines and baked goods, all of which are products of San Patrignano.

It is run entirely by the residents of the community, from the pizzaiolos to the chefs, from the waiters to the sales staff.

It offers an opportunity for the residents to learn skills that will help them grow during the course of their program and thereafter. It is an opportunity to reintegrate. It is a space where everyone is welcome to not just our fantastic food but to the product we are most proud of, our people.