Who we are

A pizzeria.
A gourmet restaurant.
A store with quality products.

But also a place of sharing, growth, education and integration.
All this is SP.Accio, pizzeria and emporium of the community of San Patrignano.

A place where you can spend pleasant evenings with friends or pleasing business lunches, with the possibility to buy and take home the products that you have just tasted

Because we are talking about a kitchen that’s at km0 from its merchandise like, cheeses, meats, vegatables, wine and baked goods, all coming from the product line of the community itself.

A place for all and where everything is taken care of by the residents of the community, from the pizza makers to the chefs, from the waiters to the sales staff. A way for them to get involved , a way to show that they have won the bet made with themselves.